Group work means team spirit, working together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual performance toward organizational goals. It is the fuel that allows people to achieve shared results.

Smartpeg is synonymous with simplicity: eliminating what is superfluous in order to see more clearly what is really important.

Working to make the Individual the focus of the company, convinced that, in addition to being an ethical imperative, the satisfaction and involvement of the individual also represent the capital upon which are based the company’s competitiveness and productivity. Smartpeg has taken on this responsibility, making sure the INDIVIDUAL is the company’s focus, and that he or she is treated and considered as the main asset of every organization, proposing, stimulating and impersonating a new way of doing business, a new way of working.

It is not a matter of establishing a hierarchy among company positions, but of affirming that it is PEOPLE that make the company, and Smartpeg has made itself the spokesman and the enabler of this concept.

Smartpeg wants and needs to express that the typical management procedures and tools of our businesses, tied to hierarchy and control, are outdated and must be changed. It wants to allow and needs to facilitate the creating of new procedures and new models.

“Agile Work Day.” It seems like a revolutionary concept, but actually it is very simple: what matters are the results, the value you produce. The consequence of this is that it gives back to the individual two dimensions that are essential to their satisfaction: Time and Meaning.

For Smartpeg, the economic crisis was the trigger, the keystone, rousing and stimulating various reflections: the output of this work has been watching market dynamics and putting them together with company dynamics and, above all, connecting them with people.

Business Idea & People Idea” is the slogan coined by Smartpeg to define the new business model in which “Smart” is the keyword, and not because it’s the trend, but because by now change is necessary. A goal is more specific than an end – in what way?

SMART is a good goal! What is important is to always remember that every goal must begin with the word “for.” The acronym SMART is thus a simple way to remember the characteristics of a good goal.  SMART stands for “Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Realistic and related to Time.”

Use the acronym SMART as a checklist, to see if the goal is a good goal. The goal must be consistent and must come from the intention of identified aims. Another output resulting from the considerations that look to the future for Smartpeg is “comparison and exchange” which means commitment, energy, but which brings increasingly high performance results to the businessperson who observes the considerations of his or her collaborators, professionals and partners. For the Smartpeg team, the recession represented many new opportunities and possibilities for businesses, i.e. the characteristic element, and also the sudden flash, the brainwave, that characterized the business story of its founder, Gianni Cicogna, the promoter of this new vision. It was through his will that Smartpeg would be created in July 2015, following another important business experience with Pegaso 2000, of which he would acquire a business branch.

Thus was born a “unique and original” player in terms of vision (worldwide), organization (investee company, horizontal development Learning Organization) and execution (research, innovation and a “product oriented” agile approach).

Smartpeg is the result of the meeting and collaboration of various professionals in the field of ICT development and designing for numerous important clients in Italy and globally.

Because Smartpeg creates useful, intelligent software that provides advantages and benefits to people, all over the world. In following with the new vision of the market, Smartpeg becomes the place for comparison and competing, for bringing together business visions and individual ambitions, that can make a business great both nationally and internationally.

The entire Executive participates in the founding principles of Smartpeg: not just its Founder, but also Stefano Suriani, Chief Operating Officer; Luca Milillo, Managing Partner; and Tatiana Taglia, Accounting & Finance Partner.

All of the “founders” bring their own values, experiences and dreams into Smartpeg; their identity is represented by diversity and, above all, by a pioneering aspect: their international dimension. The basic drivers of Smartpeg are internationalization and innovation, which allow it to bring the managerial, technical and organizational excellence of the leader partner companies in the territory into a new, more challenging and prestigious dimension, in order to establish their skills and make them known on the international stage, in which IT becomes global.

Thus arises the SmartInnLab project, as an enterprising initiative and laboratory of ideas, which allows the development of projects with an innovative high added value on the topic of the IoT (Internet of Things), to be launched on the international market, with the help of the University of Perugia which accredits, certifies and ennobles these operations, always following the principle that by combining forces one can become established anywhere, even where the market is more demanding and challenging (Emirates – Orient).

The present requires change, and Smartpeg really knows how to ride this wave. There are two important things that those at Smartpeg know how to do, and to do well: first, software for making the best use of people, the so-called “Human Resources,” and to take this concept abroad and develop it in all the countries of the world, thanks to international partnerships, as well as in government agencies, banks and businesses. And the second is having interpreted the technological and cultural revolution of our time as the strategic decision of development and positioning, given the importance of this field today and in the years to come: the “Internet of Things,” all the things in the world of the Web. In fact Smartpeg’s business cards are Wi-Fi mark models where the keywords are “connection” and “technology.”

Another fundamental aspect is capital, understood as human capital, i.e. people, their experience, talents and motivations.

Human Capital is the definitive asset for any organization.  And no organization is effective without loyal professionals, who believe in what they do and who they do it for. Thus a company that is smart all around,  where the leitmotiv is #plan (the increasingly global market requires global planning) #do (action is transformed, becomes fast, effective, targeted) #smart (the result must be useful and appealing) and where smart working, i.e. the list of values, is encapsulated in the concept of having fun working; work experienced as enjoyment because it is a fundamental part of individual experience, in order to arrive at the triumphant transformation: from organizational well-being to “beautiful being.” In order to better structure one’s own identity without boundaries and to best utilize the principle of professionals and work processes that influence each other, Smartpeg focuses on the aspect of working together with international work teams and companies in order to face the challenges of a globalized market and not preclude any customers, firmly believing in the usefulness of its own software products at the service of mankind, wherever it is.

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