The Umbrian Pride – M.C.I. Srl –


Strength and integrity are in the DNA of MCI, a company operating in the metal structural work industry and one of the most advanced in the design, prefabrication and assembly of metallic structures for civil and industrial engineering works and the assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures according to the client’s design.

The company was founded over 50 years ago through the genius and determination of Enio Civicchioni, today the patriarch of this enterprise currently led by his sons Carlo, in charge of business development, and Simone, the administrative and financial head. The son of a broker who “had the size of things in his mind,” Enio Civicchioni says he was born to create a business, and that he has cultivated an ambitious and independent vision of his future since childhood. Driven by a strong will, at the age of 13 he began working as a blacksmith, and at 17 he ended up at a Fiat foundry. In his early twenties he became one of the most valuable collaborators of Spartaco Ghini, the owner of Sicel, a large manufacturer of metal structural work and prefabricated buildings that exports all over the world, and especially in the Arab countries.

Enio traveled all over the world, and this experience gave life to the entrepreneurial spirit of his project, which began in the 1970s with the MCM industrial assembly company, which later became the present-day MCI.

The face of the company today ­– which now includes designing as well – is the result of the dialectical leap from a small artisan business to an industrial concern that took place gradually over the last 20 years. As Simone Civicchioni remarked, “Since 2000 the company has been operating at full capacity, and it has succeeded in establishing a reputation for the design, construction and supply and installation of metal structures and complementary works. One important echo of this evolutionary march is the fact that every year since 2000 MCI has had at least two construction sites abroad, and as proof of the quality of its work, just four years ago it won a European tender called by the colossal ENEL Spa.”

There are several important credentials for this growth; first of all, that of having been selected for the feasibility study concerning the New Safe Confinement project, consisting of the covering over of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which MCI has been managing the project for 5 years by now. These are important indicators for a company such as MCI, which finds itself operating in a very complex market, characterized by an extremely demanding clientele and rather low margins.

“A market,” says Simone, “where you move ahead only if you are efficient and effective.”

In order to achieve this perfect alignment of efficiency and effectiveness, which has allowed MCI to become a leader in the construction industry, the company has rigorously and continuously focused on the development of two requirements: the acquisition of a company stock of latest generation machinery and the building of a highly specialized technical team, with highly vertical skills as well, which are essential in the management of complex jobs.

Its excellent technological profile and great technical and intellectual expertise have allowed the company to successfully keep its customers, who appreciate and validate the quality of the service/product offered by MCI.

A further assurance of reliability is the possibility of availing oneself of the company’s strong presence, operating 24/7/365, especially for the temporary shutdowns of industrial plants or when the opening of shopping centers is imminent. The company moves agilely all over the globe, and directly and in support of large national and international plant engineering; it carries out quality control with its own personnel, equipment and vehicles, operating in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments. It has EN ISO 9001:2008 certification, and its technicians and workers have experience and qualifications obtained from major national and international institutions and companies.

It is a vibrant enterprise, projected toward technical, economic, capital and financial growth; an operational company, strengthened by a long tradition of experience, but at the same time one that is dynamic and thus able to invest in innovation and training. This is the image that the company sees of itself when it looks in the mirror.

It is a sharp image, but one that is continuously evolving and changing, as can be seen from its many construction sites, where it is engaged on several fronts. From the assembly of all the structural work for the expansion of Fiumicino airport in Rome, to the design, supply and installation of metal structures and complementary works for a large industrial building in Tuscany, the enlargement of the Conad store in Viterbo (which will also hold a Decathlon store), and the project with which it begins 2017, the  metal frame construction of a school in Macerata.

These many ongoing projects are evidence of a business vitality supported by a deep passion that is unchanged over time.

This immense passion was passed on by Enio, founder of this adventure, to his children, and Carlo and Simone have embraced it and developed it further in the interests of continuity and integrity.

This integrity is entrenched in Enio’s phrase “for us, our word is a signature,” and is confirmed in Simone’s words when he says “Beyond everything that we do and that we can do, there is what we are. We are above all a company of honest, fair people, in which the owners put their reputation on the line. We like to show the utmost precision in the preparation of tenders and the acquisition of orders.”

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