Il fenomeno Storytelling (l’arte di raccontare l’azienda) è arrivato al suo culmine e si va arricchendo di nuove sfumature. In questi anni la narrazione aziendale è diventata la tecnica di comunicazione più efficace grazie al suo linguaggio informale e immediato ma si è arrivati al punto in cui ci si chiede se parlare basti. Questa disposizione un po’ dispotica dell’azienda che parla di sè sembra a volte un infantile richiesta di attenzioni. Si comincia ad intuire che i veri leader, in tutti gli ambiti, sono coloro che sanno dare spazio e valore agli altri e capaci soprattutto di ascoltare. Siamo in pieno STORYLISTENING! Questo nuovo approccio nasce per creare un legame sempre più profondo con il proprio cliente/utente. Quando ci si mette in atteggiamento di ascolto, non solo si riescono a cogliere informazioni utili sulle esigenze altrui da soddisfare con un proprio prodotto/servizio ma il nostro interlocutore si rilassa e si apre e sarà più propenso all’attenzione quando a parlare saremo noi. No story lives unless someone wants to listen. JK Rowling Nessuna storia vive a meno che qualcuno non voglia ascoltarla The Web & Social Team  

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And has to fight the attack. But he said the vehicle will qualify for a $7. A judge will be assigned to the case and hearing dates set once that happens. expect a ticket. Iraqi officials declared victory over Islamic State in Diyala earlier this year after security forces and Shi’ite paramilitaries drove them out of towns and villages there, The borrowing spree was spurred by a relatively high level of consumer confidence. was also in critical condition while a fifth passenger comic Harris Stanton was treated and released Haigney said Two others in the limo were unhurt including the driverMorgan remains in the intensive care unit at the hospital”His family is now with him and he is receiving excellent care” spokesman Lewis Kay said in a statement “We don’t anticipate much of a change in his condition today but will provide a further update once more information becomes available”Williams said the tractor trailer driver apparently cheap nba jerseys failed to notice slow traffic ahead and swerved at the last minute in a vain attempt to avoid a crash But the tractor trailer smashed into the back of the limo prompting a chain reaction crash with a second tractor trailer an SUV and two carsThe US National Transportation Safety Board said it was working with state police to look at any issues in the crash related to commercial And the leaders and politicians are fake they never wrks in the favour of people they always seeks the way to make more money the main question who permits terrorist to enter in our country borders? He insisted Friday that the route taken by the prince’s car had been thoroughly examined only a few minutes beforehand and had been clear.
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