2018 Perugia Glocal Economic Forum, Italian territorial excellences in the limelight

Glocal Economic Forum Perugia 2018

Society, the economy, the value of territories

The 2018 Perugia Glocal Economic Forum will turn the spotlight on national companies of excellence from October 11th to the 13th, with discussions, comparisons, insights and debates dedicated to the economic and business fabric.The theme will be: society, the economy, the value of territories.

Nationally, with GDP growth in the first quarter of 2018 of 0.3% compared to the previous quarter, and 1.4% compared to the first quarter of 2017 (ISTAT data), the ESG89 Group decided to dedicate three days to the best Italian companies, with a focus on this year’s host region: the Marche.

Despite the slight decline (-0.1%) in the GDP in the 2015-2016 two-year period, the Marche region is an economic reality with a good growth margin, especially considering the number and the health of local companies:

There are 12,928 corporations with sales of over €300,000, with 72.4% showing a profit (Italian average: 73.6%).

The thematic sessions, economic analyses and in-depth investigations will be included in a context of great discussions, comparisons and debates: not just relationships, but the real coming together and combining of different perspectives and professional experiences.

“For us at the ESG89 Group, the Glocal Economic Forum is a great organizational and media challenge,” says Giovanni Giorgetti, CEO of the ESG89 Group. “Perugia and Umbria are ready to welcome “three days” of undisputed value, comparison and sharing. The Green Heart of Italy is at the center of the current and future economic debate for operators and young people at the gates of the business world.”

During the three days in Perugia, at the exclusive location of the Deco Hotel, more than five thousand participants are expected, including business persons, professionals, stakeholders and Italian institutions: a photograph of the country’s real economy, the Economic Heart upon which the well-being of all of society depends.

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Information on the ESG89 Group

The group’s vision is based on three fundamental principles: to generate relationships, to spread knowledge, and to create value – ambitious objectives, in line with the contemporariness of national and international economic sentiment. Giovanni Giorgetti, CEO & Founder of the ESG89 Group believes in the strength of the team that today includes  dozens of collaborations in Italy and abroad, mainly consisting of highly innovative and dynamic young people. The company represents the “cloud” of relationships for those stakeholders that operate ethically in business-to-business.

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